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Wouldn't you prefer that your business be gun-free?

That's a question every business owner should be asking themselves now.

And you should know you have every right to refuse access and or services to individuals carrying firearms - concealed or not.

This doesn't mean that you're questioning gun carriers' rights. It only means that you don't want guns around your customers and are asserting your private property rights in order to provide a safe environment.

VACPS has opted to provide business owners in Virginia with tools to secure their establishments and identify them as being gun-free.

In 2010, Virginia passed legislation allowing people to carry concealed weapons into establishments where alcohol is served.

In the course of assessing the potential impact of this particular law, it was discovered that many business owners, not just in Virginia but nationally, were unaware that regardless of laws such as this, they have a basic right to refuse service or admittance to people carrying guns.

According to the Virginia State Police, a business need only clearly post a notice that guns aren't allowed on the premises and such a clear posting constitutes a legal notice - meaning anyone who ignores the notice is committing an act of criminal trespassing.

The fact is, you can make your own sign that says no more than "No Guns Allowed" and post it, and you've fulfilled these requirements.

posterAlternately, VACPS is providing a polite poster, which you can download and post in your business, that clearly states your desire to be a gun-free establishment and asks gun carriers to not bring it in.

In the right column, you'll also find links to companies that sell  signage with the required language. We're providing them here in case you wish to use a different design to accomplish the same purpose.

We also eventually hope to provide consumers who choose to avoid firearms, particularly when accompanied by children, simple online resources that will allow them to steer clear of potentially unsafe environments.

There are four versions of this poster available (high and low resolution in 11x17 and 8 1/2x11 sizes). While they're free, there are conditions for their usage.

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