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Advocacy Through the Arts

VACPS's Advocacy Through the Arts Committee works toward capturing the hearts of those who don't feel personally involved or have given up hope that anything can ever be done about the problem.

We want to utilize the arts to demonstrate the pain and suffering caused by gun violence. We do this by encouraging artwork, theatre, poetry, films and music related to this theme and putting on exhibits and performances of these works.

"It's About Saving Lives" mural project

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    From Project Coordinator Rev. Dr. Mark Hayes:

    📝 In the spirit of Truth Embracing holistic-bond relationships youngsters, families, service organizations, schools, recreation centers, policymakers, community leaders, and the media can help create a solid future for "YLD" YOUTH LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT MENTOR-SHIP🤜The Virginia Center for Public Safety Advocacy Through the Arts Learning Partnership approach favors embracing positive Self-Development everywhere 🤛 

    From WTKR-TV 3

    whro 150x150'Enough is enough:' students paint mural in Portsmouth as plea to end youth gun violence

    When you walk down the halls at I.C. Norcom, you'll first notice the orange, black and white paint lining a wall. Each brush stroke is the voice of a student.

    You'll spot gravestones, candles, and more.

    From WHRO Public Media:

    whro 150x150Six I.C Norcom students painted a mural with the Virginia Center for Public Safety that will be used as an example for future state and national campaigns.

    To highlight the impact of gun violence in the community, six students from I.C Norcom High School painted a mural in collaboration with the Virginia Center for Public Safety.

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