People use guns but, in a sense, guns use people too. When we have the technology for violence easily to hand, our choices are skewed and we are more vulnerable to being manipulated into violent action.
Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury

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What lessons can we learn?

From RetroReport.org:

In the 80s, the attempted assassination of President Reagan and the shooting of his press secretary, Jim Brady, sparked a call for gun control. Decades later, are there lessons from that effort for the students who survived the Parkland shooting?

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Lawmakers Who Voted for Controversial Law Include Some Not-So-Usual Suspects

Richmond, Virginia—A new law has taken effect in Virginia allowing concealed handgun permit holders to carry loaded handguns into any establishment that has a liquor license; including bars, nightclubs, restaurants, pizza parlors and bowling alleys.  The legislation, SB 334, was adamantly opposed by the Virginia Hospitality & Travel Association, but passed the Democratic-controlled Senate by a vote of 22-18 in February and the Republican-controlled House of Delegates by a vote of 72-27 in March.  Governor Bob McDonnell signed the bill in April.

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Here's the video for our contribution to the world Sing-along challenge from our Concert Across America to End Gun Violence in Chandler Hall at Old Dominion University, Norfolk on Sept. 24th. So special - we believe communities standing together makes a difference. Thanks so much to Cameron Moore for videotaping this performance.

The Virginia Center for Public Safety is a non-profit, non-partisan grass roots organization dedicated to the reduction of gun violence in Virginia.

VACPS strives to accomplish this mission through awareness, education and advocacy. Our members represent a cross-section of racial, religious. professional and political groups.